Friday, April 14, 2006

Johnathon Swift what?

The South Park guys have done it again. They pissed off one group of people, then as rebuttal for their forced cencorship, they pissed off another group of people. The only problem this time, is the second group they pissed off is very big and very powerful in America. I love South Park

For those of you who don't care for 3rd grade cartoons with potty mouths, here's the skinny:
Remember those cartoons of Mohammad that ended up in the senseless deaths of many innocent people and the burning of Danish consulates in more than one international location? The same cartoons that showed how spineless out government is when they issued a statement saying only that the cartoons were wrong (smart yes... but also spineless, most would agree burning buildings and killing people is wrong as well, why didn't our wonderful representatives mention that?) Yeah, those cartoons... well Trey and Matt decided they wanted to have a say in the matter.

The 1st of 2 chapters in the latest South Park episodes centers around Fox airing an episode of Family Guy where Mohammad is depicted. Great because they are making fun of Family Guy (which I also enjoy, but find to be quite ADD and much less intellectually stimulating than South Park), they are making fun of the censors (I appreciate freedom of speech no matter how many toes somebody is stepping on), they criticize the government's response (Mr. Mackey and his school lesson on why it's wrong) and above all they are making fun of how freaked out society is by the possibilty of an offensive image.

The 2nd chapter, which I have not seen, but will track down tonight, apparently ends up with Fox airing the episode. When the image of Mohammad is to be seen the screen flashes "Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network" Shortly after the shows takes us to an "image of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag"

If you want more, check out the article from

So why is that ok, but Mohammad isn't?Why are people these days so concerned about things that might offend someone else?What is happening to freedom of speech?Are people just to stupid to recognize satire, or too immature to handle it? I mean, it's obvious South Park is just trying to push buttons and by getting any response they are the winners.

I think 2 quotes from the episodes sum it up.
In class the children are being taught why depicting Mohammad is wrong:
Teacher: Depicting Mohammad in any way is wrong, mkay.
Kyle: If you're a Muslim.

If a Muslim is depicting Mohammad, people (fellow Muslims) should be pissed at that person, probably not his employer and definately not his country or other people associated with his country... If a Christian is a hypocrite, people (fellow Christians) should be pissed (and I don't mean drunk)... If an agnostic drinks heavily and blasphemes Jesus, Christians shoud say, "oh that stupid drunk, may he burn in hell." Not try and pass an ordinance to make public blasphemy a crime. This is my definition of tolerance. This type of tolerance requires freedom, not restraint.

When Kyle is talking to the Fox executives he says:"Either it's all OK, or none of it is. Do the right thing"My stance is it's all ok. But I still agree with the quote whole heartedly.

Two simple quotes. It's wrong if you believe that; all or nothing, do the right thing.

Trey and Matt: may you burn in hell, never reach nirvana, be reincarnated as a rock, have bad karma rain upon you and the next 40 generations of your families' But please oh please keep the satire loud and clear, maybe you'll learn a few people in the process.


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