Friday, April 14, 2006

Today was a pretty good day. I got some stuff (new helmet, pedals, and wine). I ate some food, had a drink with some friends. The only thing that makes today feel any different is the half egg protruding from my forehead. The story of the half egg takes us back to Wed.

I was riding a Harrisuburg look with my roomie Greg (in picture). All was well until a wasp decided to fly right into a vent the front of my helmet. I'm all one with nature so this is totally cool until the little guy decided totake up an attitude, apparently he had somewhere to be and had not time to ride with me. So he flies into my house... then has the audacity to sting me right in the brain! A direct shot to the frontal lobe. Needless to say, a wasp sting to the forehead hurts like a mother. I had a headache for the rest of Wednesday night. Come Thursday I had developed a half egg shape on my forehead. Now it is Friday and the swelling has migrated south and is putting quite a bit of pressure on the bridge of my nose. I think it's time to make a midnight run to Walgreen's for some ibuprofen.

Oh yeah, and that picture is taken at the skate park where I tried to get in touch with my inner punk kid bad ass (after hill repeats on easley). It only resulted in a sore wrist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

freakin egghead.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous green beans said...

let me know next time you go to roll around at the skatepark and i will join you

6:30 AM  

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