Friday, March 23, 2007

Why science sucks

Anybody who kind of know me knows my ringtone. The theme from Bill Nye the Science Guy(Seattle native). The phrase "science rules!" is on my cell phone and found it's way to my signature of several message boards. I like science. I like facts, derivations, proofs. That's a big part of why I want to be an industrial engineer. I view my education as "the science of business management." I'd like decisions I make as an employee to be based on as much FACT as possible, not theory... the difference is often overlooked. Examples: Our involvement in Iraq, the world being flat in the 1400s, evolution as truth, viewing a religion as correct.

Here's the funny part of this post: (Editor's note: this is only funny if you are a sick person).
Scott Adam's hilarious commentary:
Funny and sad because it's serious:

OK, so take a step back and think about it... maybe this guy really does have a right to screw a dead deer. As much as I think it couldn't be pleasurable, I would agree the government shouldn't have to power to take away this weirdo's right to do what he wants (since he definitely isn't hurting anyone). I do think the government should bitch slap this guy for fucking a deer on the side of a road. This inbreed was obviously trying to extract DNA from the deer that he lost during meiosis. Tappin' that venison is one thing, but if you aren't smart enough and respectful of others views enough to keep your deer probe in your pants until you're some place private, where you won't be caught, then you probably deserve some sort of penalty. This is only a penalty for you being a sub-average human being because you can't respect others. Then again, maybe rigor mortis sets in faster than I think and a roadside "quickie" is the only possible way to successfully engage in necrobestiaphilia.

Now, why science sucks. Science sucks because it can only tell us at best, what is chemically different about this dudes mind from mine. We see headlines all the time that say things like "acetabenadrophilinaline linked directly to obesity causing habits." That's nice and all, research of this type helps us to develop drugs to combat many issues today. My problem is that science rarely, if ever tells us what is causing the recent rise in acetabenadrophilinaline levels in the study population. I make an effort to attain root causes of problems before taking sides or prescribing solutions (this is something I'm still working on). The following is today's commercial and short term results based thought process:
-notice change example: growing number of kids with ADD
-find immediate causal variable: increased number of dopamine transporters
-reduce difference in variable: ritalin / adderall

I think this is a more sustainable flow:
-notice change Example: growing number of ADD diagnoses
-find causal variable: increased number of dopamine transporters
-find cause of cause: increased hormone BT-36 from chicken meat
-repeat last step until root cause is found: hormone increases in non-free range scenarios due to lack of "survival" necessity
-implement change: advocate usage of free range or "natural kill"
chicken meat for infants and adolescents

Not that I think this example is correct, but you get the idea. In an interestingly factual related topic, a strong correlation has been found between the increasing number of twin births in the US as compared to Europe. While correlation does not imply causation, most probably variables have been eliminated leaving only a strong correlation between the usage of a particular growth hormone given only to US dairy cows and the percentage of twin births. Makes sense right? What can alter a cow's hormone's perfectly and keep the maternal juices flowing (I don't know what that means) could affect humans in a similar format but with lesser result? If you're interested, here's a short article, longer versions are easy to find.

In short, why does science suck? There should be more research devoted long term to route causes. Root causes are a much harder problems to tackle and sove, but the payoff is much greater in terms of solution effectiveness and education value of answers. Personally, I would like to understand the root causes of the following: the apparent increases in homosexuals in developed countries, ADD/ ADHD diagnoses, eating disorders, teen suicides.

This is all based on the assumption that there are logical explanations for just about everything.
Take into account: Einstein said "God doesn't place dice with the universe"
Take into account: Einstein found the root cause of the errors in Newtonian physics and provided a solution.

Einstein's major contribution to the world of science can be summed up into finding a causal problem. We need more Einsteins. Duh.


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