Monday, July 10, 2006

Road trip

This guy is serious about his blogging.

I leave for Salt Lake City and Breckenridge in 8 hours. I'll come back sometime before my brother's wedding. I am smuggling some good cheap whiskey into Utah and some fireworks in to Colorado so my friend can have a proper 4th of July a few days late. Going to visit a climber in Salt Lake and a cyclist in Breckenridge (that's right men of CBC, I'm staying with Felicia). I really have no itinerary but I'd imagine I'll be doing some climbing in SLC and some biking in Breck (one of my pet peeve's: when people abbreviate noun in an attempt to sound overly aquainted with said noun... examples: Breckenridge = Breck, Newcastle = Newkie, Spatula = Spat <-- I heard a snobbish steak and shake cook once dissing the "spats" at a campus dining hall claiming his "spat" was far superior, as were his burgers, and his penis).

Soup du Jour:
I have been riding once or twice a week for around a month now and my legs are starting to feel normal again. While I haven't been riding much I haven't been sedentary in any way. I've been finding solace in ultimate frisbee, badminton, disc golf, water skiing, trail running, weight lifting (going to look like Kersha soon), climbing, others. I should give some "normal American sports a try." You know baseball, football, soccer... wait scratch soccer, that's not American, just the other 6.2 billion people on the planet. I also wonder why my legs still don't feel great. I figure it's one of 4 things:
-I still commute nearly every day so I really have been on the bike at least a little bit 6 or 7 days a week
-I am doing to much other stuff and while that is fun, I really need to let my legs get fat (read: grow kankles)
-Maybe they are just getting out of shape (this is very likely)
-Something I haven't guessed at yet or have already incorrectly ruled out.

Reading the place mat:
Now a word from my sponsor (me)...
Mizzou is hosting a mountain bike race at Cosmo on Labor Day weekend (Saturday Sept. 2nd). I know this probably isn't a good day, but it was the only day I could get working with the state NORBA series and the Collegiate schedule. Non-collegiate racers will be welcome to come and show the young guns how it should be done, (or just to race). Prizes, payouts... blah blah blah... it'll all be up on soon. The race will be part of the NORBA series so maybe I'll get a few guys that way. Oh here's the cool part. I am starting the collegiate field and NORBA fields together. Collegiate racers will have a chance to pay the collegiate and NORBA entry fee and score points as well as win prizes/cash. For NORBA racers this means a larger field size and more actual racing (as opposed to time trialing through the woods). ATTENTION WOMEN: there will be more than 3 racers in your field.

In an unrelated note there will probably be a 3rd annual naked crit on Saturday night Sept. 2nd. ATTENTION WOMEN: lots of naked college steeds drunk and ready to go... race bikes that is.
I was going to post a picture of a previous naked crit but won't let me... hmmm technical difficulties or conservative opression for the protection of others?


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