Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Island Earth

I am almost through the Planet Earth series. If you have not seen these, do so. If no one you know owns them, and you don't have netflix, and your local rental store doesn't carry them, just go buy them. Although the graphics and audio may be outdated in a few decades, there may be some of the last and best shots of several species, and the content is of the type that demands to be passed on (for reasons, historical, biophilic, and academic).

During the episode I watched last night, I had two ideas for Sci-Fi films.

Sci-Fi Number A: As the human population continues to grow, an entire continent abandoned to remain un inhabited and provide the human population with the ecological benefits of a major area of true wilderness (water shed, O2 production, greenhouse gas reduction). Human's development of technology slows natural evolution of the species (has it already?). After a few millenia, scientists discover a species has developed on the wilderness continent that has the potential for global superiorty. The decision must be made whether to let nature run its course, exterminate the species before it becomes too powerful, find a way to co-exist, bringing it into our enivronment, or vice-versa. Of course, a huge and cheesy fight scene could always happen.

Sci-Fi number B: In the not so distant future the elite of the one world gov't declare overpopulation the source of all problems, and without the possibility of a traditional fix. They announce that they will go underground, and will resurface once the world population has declined to a sustainable state... i.e. they tell the general public to have at each other. This could be a story of anarchy and survival, or a bard's tale of banding together for the good of all (even if not for the common good, BAM!)

If anybody has seen these movies, let me know. I've not yet dreamed them, so I'm anxious to see how they turn out. If anybody wants to make these movies, just put my name in the credits in little tiny letters, and give me one penny for every copy produced.

*Ideas for science fiction films is not a recognized side effect of the Planet Earth series. If Sci-Fi visions become more frequent than 12/hour, you should consult a doctor, or priest, or anyone who will talk to you.


Blogger Cassandra said...

Ha ha. I've watched a couple of Battlestar Gallactica (yeah, nerdy) episodes lately so my sci-fi bar has been raised. I'm not overly concerned.

I would also ask for more than a penny per copy. You're cheap.

12:39 PM  

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