Thursday, August 21, 2008

The incredible edible

Wow, a lot has happened since the last post. I bought my first home and got all moved in (but far from settled). I have 1300sq ft of home and about 600 sq ft of stuff. I imagine if someone broke in, they'd think I'd already been sacked and just leave out the front door. So I was without the interwebs for a few weeks, but now I'm back.

I was noticing my girlfriend had Large eggs and I only had medium eggs. This made me feel like less of a man, so as we speak I am learning more about eggs than I ever wanted to, and I am about to divulge the important stuff to you, the reader.

We all know eggs come in a few forms... Medium, Large, XL, Grade A, Grade AA, et al. Here's lesson #1. Don't ever buy Grade AA eggs again. The letters following the size are a quality rating, and have zero impact on size, weight, or taste. Eggs come in three quality ratings, AA, A, and B. It's all about aesthetics. Grade B eggs simply rate lower in appearance when broken out. The actual grading rubric is listed on the Eggcyclopedia (scroll to "grading"). Again, the only reason to buy AA eggs is for presentation in a fine restaurant (sure, lots of five star restaurants serve breakfast!).So weight is the only real difference, that's all we should be paying for. So what weight of egg will provide us the best bang for our buck? Again, from the AEB:
Sizes are classified according to minimum net weight expressed in ounces per dozen. Jumbo 30 oz.., Extra Large 27 oz., Large 24 oz., Medium 21 oz., Small 18 oz. and Peewee 15 oz.
Not one to disappoint, I took those size and compared the ounces per dollar at a couple of grocery stores...
Yes, that's my 3 minute attempt at an egg graph (a distant cousin of the Venn diagram). This is ounces per dollar, so higher is better. It looks like we should all buy Medium and Extra Large grade A eggs from here on out. If eggs are on sell, just figure out which is discounted by a larger percentage, and buy those. At least, that's eggsactly what I'll be doing (sorry, couldn't help it).

Hokay, time to go have a beer. Maybe I'll post about the house sometime later.

The American Egg Board (seriously)


Blogger Cassy said...

Brady, Brady, Brady. So worried about the size of your eggs. Why don't you just go lay some eggs instead (aka... get laid, bad joke). You're too full of information for your own good. I guess you must obsess about figuring things out the way I obsess about knitting.

6:13 AM  
Blogger Brady said...

Cassy, did you just call women "eggs?" I think you did.

3:10 PM  

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