Monday, April 17, 2006

Why adults should get spring break too.

Spring break was a couple of weeks ago, but it was too good not to document. Mizzou cycling head out to Moab Utah for 6 days of dudes, dirt, and debauchery. A full account of the trip can be found at the Walt's bike shop blog here:

Here's the visual help:

That's me.. and some rocks, and the Colorado river. The trail is called Moab rim and it's a great 4x4 trail, or one hell of a mountain bike climb. 1.5 miles of very constant and strenuous climbing. Last year I didn't make it to the top in one shot; after about a mile of climbing I had to stop because I was losing control of my bowels (NOTE: there are no leaves to wipe with in Moab, only prickly sticks). This year I made it without too much problem and with complete control of my bodily functions.

We got back to CoMo on Friday of break, around noon. I left for bike races in Purdue at 5 PM that day... ITT on Saturday and a crit on Sunday.

The break in numbers:

Hours spent in a car: 48

Hours spent on bike: 23

Longest day: 7 hours (on from 10 Am to 6 PM with a few stops)

The bottom line is, aside from the car time. The break was great, it gave me the ability to survive the crunch week and finals week that are coming up. It prolonged my sanity. Summer coming soon!


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