Friday, March 06, 2009


Women want to be viewed as equal.. and I don't blame them. Things are definitely going the right direction, if they're going at the appropriate speed is up for argument.

As most things... I expect feminism and the general view of and laws protecting male female interaction to gain momentum and eventually have to back up a bit. At some point in the general stance of feminism will have to change to, "we are different in many ways, but we should embrace those ways."Of course, this view already exists, but I'd argue it's not yet held by the majority.

In only slightly related thought, is pulling a chair out simply respectful... or does it simply reinforce the idea that we are not equal? Does it depend only on the motivation of the person pulling the chair? Why shouldn't you, in self-defense, hit a woman who is hitting you? Is it because she is inferior? Can you imagine a women saying, "why won't you hit me back" like Rudy to an A squad lineman before the Purdue game?

Could we pass homeostasis in our actions? Could society become matriarchal? Or could we only approach an asymptote of equality? Women would never truly been seen as equal, but the difference would be so tiny no one would actually perceive it.

There are a lot of questions in this post, so I hope it gives a few people something to think about. I also hope before either these questions can be answered we learn, as a society, to recognize and employ our differences toward our common goals.


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