Monday, April 17, 2006

Broken Promises

I broke a 12 year old promise last week. I took a job at the Colosseum Bistro.

When I was in 4th grade Mr. Obert brought in a guest speaker that talked to us about something that I'm sure was very important. All I remember from her presentation was the quote, "everyone in this room will work in the food industry at some point." Mr. Obert, whom I had a great deal of respect for stated his agreement. Mind you, this is when I was still a nerd and not the arrogant little shit that I am today. In my little yellow plastic chair and desk at that very moment I made a vow to myself never to work in food service, not in any way shape or form. I would not have a job at McDonald's, I would not build restaurants with a construction crew, I would not work at a Tyson factory, I wouldn't even create an advertisement or webpage for a food related company. I had nothing against employees of the food industry, I just didn't like being told what I was going to do by some total stranger.

When I accepted the job at the Bistro I still felt a little twinge of pain, giving up that idea that I have held onto since I was 10. I think the job will be fine, twill be steady hours, twill be decent pay. Still, I feel as though I have given up on something meaningful. Stupid I know.

The good news is, that internal pact has lead me to several great jobs, none of which involved discounts at Taco Bell. Since I was 14 I have held the following jobs: political telemarketer, webmaster (, lifeguard, RCPA (An RA in college dorms that aslo teaches a 1 hour class), under qualified industrial engineer, janitor, bouncer/barback, bartender. I have enjoyed everyone of these jobs and I hope that my new endeavor into the evil realm of food service will prove me wrong and be as fruitful as my previous experiences. Regardless, working for pay has been good to me, and if life keeps up like this, I plan on enjoying it quite a bit.


Blogger Andrew Thomas said...

you are a blogging genius

11:36 AM  
Blogger Andrew Thomas said...

i owe you a swift kick to the nuts for the sister talk

5:27 PM  
Blogger Leisha Jo said...

yeah, kick the food industry worker!


8:00 AM  

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