Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jon is a man

Hello future employers of this young man. First, congratulations for utilizing the strength of the interwebs to supplement your HR efforts. At Jon's request, I have removed his last name from this post, but alas, I expect the spiders for the search engines to take some time to pick up on the change. If you are reading this, I am correct.
While, I fully expect you to skim this blogging, please take note that Jon's name doesn't produce many links in a google search, that's because the post commemorates one of the few times Jon actually stopped studying/working/riding to do something young and foolish. Please hire him, because as you will see below... he has no future in creative dance! -added 8/21/2008

Happy 21st Jon!

For those of you who weren't there...

Jon actually pulled off 21 shots in 4 hours, something tells me this wasn't his first time imbibing spirits. I guess all the beer pong with everclear in the dorms paid off (I guess). Now that he isn't a minor he can stop binge drinking the day before 90 mile rides.

That is number 19, a jello shot at Snapper's.

Jon wanted to do a pub crawl for his 21st. Within 2 hours we found ourselves at Quinton's, The Blue Fugue, Sake, Eastside, Teller's, Snappers, Trattoria Strada Nova, and Willie's/Fieldhouse.

Number 21, a Jaegerblaster at Willie's, courtesy of Luke Musselman.

Pretty soon, Jon looked like this.

Then he did this for awhile.

What I remember from the night (I was sober).

-Pre-partying at 431 Foxfire

-Shot of something clear and 80 proof at Charlie Cooper's house. Someone said it tasted like peppermint, another person said it tasted like cheese.

-Quinton's: Kamikaze, Jaegerblaster

-The Blue Fugue: Chartreuse

-Sake: SoCo and Lime... probably some other stuff

-Eastside Tavern: White Trash from around the world (BigPants's b-day shot), Flaming Screaming Nazi (both 2oz shots).

-Teller's: Lemon Drop

-Sanpper's: Double shot of Rumplemintze, Jelloshot of something jello-y.

Trattoria Strada Nova: Done for night, no dice. Jon you must go try the espresso martini. It's $7 but you won't regret it, unless you have 4 or 5 of them.

Willie's/Fieldhouse: 3 Wise men (Jim, Jack, Johnny), Jaegerblaster... then I stopped keeping track and he did more.

Well done Jon, I guess you can still be on the cycling team.

When bars closed I went home, but I'm sure hilartiy ensued at 431 Foxfire. Jon, call me if you're still alive. You have a messenger race in 2 hours.


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