Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So I know this guy

I thought I would offer up another example of how college students have way to much spare time on their hands (this blog is one example). I know this guy who periodically writes letters to VIPs of just about anything, and makes outlandish requests. I have known him for about 4 years and he probably writes about one or two letters a year... here a a few I remember:

- To the owner of the cardinals (not the coach or manager) When McGwire had just announced retirement my buddy penned a letter applying for the position of "home run hitter" to fill the void McGwire was about to leave. After establishing the point of his letter, he spent about a page and a half describing in depth a home run that he had hit playing wiffle ball a couple of weeks prior.

- To the CEO of FOX (the TV channel) he proposed a reality series that began with 64 pregnant women who would compete in head to head immunity challeges. The 32 losers had to get abortions, repeat down to 16, and then to 8. At this point all 8 women and their children's respective fathers would move into a house where the usual reality drama would occur and America, by tuning in and voting online would decide who got voted out of the house. When you got voted out of the house... you guessed it, abortion. I'm pretty certain the FBI is now watching him after this letter.

-My personal favorite went to NASA. He asked NASA to build him a boat that would go mach 7 ( approximately 5000 miles per hour) so he could circumnavigate the globe from east to west and always stay in the sun. He proceeded to explain what maritime routes he would use, and why the boat needed to go exactly that fast (calculations included). He finished the letter (which was more like a technical report) by stating he need for such a boat was so he, "could have more time to get things done during the day."


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