Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rocky 7... the final final chapter

Rocky 7 will feature Sylvester Stallone taking on a new opponent and a new style of fighting. Rocky's desire to be back in the ring in combination with his maturing, philosophical mentality will lead Mr. Balboa to join the Tokyo Fighting Club. His fight this time around will be another classic rocky epic battle, this time with Taewondo and heavy kickboxing influences. I dreamt the movie last night. It was sweet. It had a kickback to old school kung fu with a touch of Undercover Brother (pictured). If I could invite you into my dreams I would.

This reminds me of a dream Apayo had. We woke up one morning, around 2PM. Apayo was a little groggy and began recounting a dream she had to me.

Apayo: I brought you a present.
Brady: What?
A: A present, wrapped up like a stork would do...
B: Ummm... and?
A: When you unwrapped it...
(dramatic pause)
A: ... it was a turkey.
B: Ha. A turkey huh? That's nice.
[end scene]

My dreams a freakin sweet. I've heard a lot of people say we only dream in black and white, but that's bull. I dream in color (Sly's gi was white with green trim last night). I often dream in 1st person, and while dreaming in 1st personI remember all the other dreams I've had in 1st person. I've been doing this my whole life, but just realized it about 2 years ago. Memories of my dream world and reality were fairly independent. I woke up one morning after my second trip to Europe and realized that I had not been to Europe twice (or even once in reality). Once I realized I had this other set of memories I started remembering more dreams when. I fly often, but it's not like I have a supernatural propensity for flying. Flying is always telekinetic self levitation. I often get mad at my dream self for how bad I am at flying, but I have improved over the years.

Lately, in my dreams I've been working as David Haffner's assistant (COO Leggett ande Platt). It's a good job, I stay motivated and Mr. Haffner gives me problems that are difficult to solve, but we're on the same wavelength so communication is always stellar (Haffner graduated from Mizzou's IMSE program that I will graduate from in Dec.). I haven't been to Europe since 2005... My dreams are often like a reality show with me as the star... they just chronicle (for the most part) things I could actually be doing. I dreamt about the Blue Note alot, and mountain decents during biking dreams are sweet. The dreams I really enjoy usually aren't too outlandish.
I've died a few times, I was run over by a bus when we lived in Tucson (88-91ish)... I'm pretty sure that was my first dream of my own death (I was about 5 years old). When I die my dream memories are reset. I remember that mom and Drew just crossed the street as if nothing had happened (awfully imo for a 5 year old don't you think). Dying in dreams was therapeutic because it allowed my to forget about and move from nightmares that I had. Mentionably I had a recurring nightmare involving an angry cross between the Hulk and the Jolly Green Giant. This was always on a highway in the middle of the Sonoran desert where there was no place to hide, also the road was prefectly straight so there was only constant terror. Oh yeah, the dream like part is that I was always running uphill and he was always running downhill. That's just not fair. The other recurring nightmare was with that wolf that chased the indian guy through the swamps in "the never ending story" movie. Those were rough. Of course I never got caught... the terror of being chased is much worse than acutally being caught.

Anyway... I like sleeping because my dreams freakin rock.

I'm head off to a beach up the coast to relax for the weekend. Pictures and tales to follow.


Blogger Apayo said...

it was.... a turkey:)

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah! You dream like that too?! I thought I was the only one! We're soulmates. And dream mates! *wink wink*

8:37 AM  

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