Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fatties part 3

Just kidding. I'm done with that rant for at least 12 hours.

In my post about the presidential debates, I compared Mike Gravel to some of the infamaous "worsts" on America Idol, while doing this I'd heard William Hung, but decided to check out Sanjaya to see how bad he really was. Here's the bad part...I kept clicking afterwards. My Idol time eventually landed me on a Melissa Doolittle video (one of this season's competitors).

So I'll blow it for you, she's been eliminated, but essentially took 3rd place. Continuing on past her are a 17 year old girl that has weak pipes and a dubious ruffian looking to bring down the biz (Gou-let!). I'm not a music prodigy, but I've seen a lot of concerts in many genres (during 4 years working), I play a few instruments, and back in the day was even in the district honor choir. For whatever it's worth, this Melinda Doolittle woman is top-notch. My ear isn't that great, but I can hear the top two contenders making errors of pitch (finale was tonight). All 3 judges have only praised Melinda's vocal abilities. She has the pipes that made Aretha Franklin, and KoKo Taylor what they were/are (I've seen KoKo live, amazing). She is humble and appreciates (rather than expects) compliments. To top it off, Idol has been bringing in celebrity guests to work with the finalists, their (Tony Bennet, Diana Ross, Gwen Stefani, Mr. Bon Jovi) comments speak loud and clear about her abilities. It doesn't hurt that she sang one of my favorite jazz standards and nailed it.

Now I also hate it when people tell me what's good in music, so check her out yourself I'm not going to beg or demand that you do such... that would be projecting my anger from similar incidents involving me and so many pimple faced Radiohead and Flaming Lips fans (both of which I like, but I had to get over their evangelical fans before I could even give the music a chance).

So if you care, or are bored:
-Melinda: audtion, Funny Valentine, I've Got Rythym
And the top two who beat her:
-Blake Lewis: His crown jewel (Bon Jovi), original, hip, showman...
-_____ Sparks: Stormy Weather, Heartbreaker, good for her age, I guess the fans of the show identify with her or something.

Melinda Doolittle is good enough I may have actually called into the show to vote had I seen it sooner. Simon said it all in the audtion, most of the people on the show have tons of attitude and only a little talent, she has no confindence but an amazing voice. I think she needs to hit the road or the studio with Michael Buble, that would be hot. If she puts out a CD, I may have to give it a try.

Sorry, I posted about American Idol. I'll stick to fat people from now on (there could be a joke in there).


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