Saturday, May 12, 2007

Public rites

This stems from the emails I get from my grandmother. In grandma's defense, she's very loving and realizes that she's "old school," but she uses that exactly phrase as a way to hide in her comfort zone. I did actually send her an email and disagree. I received no verbal response... but rather a wonderfully passive aggressive digital onslaught. I thought grandma forwarded all the chain letters she gets... well I was wrong, and now she's turned the filter off. One night last week I found 6 forwards from grandma in a 4 hour period. "Passive-aggressive grandma," sounds like a bad Adam Sandler song.
The latest had a scarry picture of Jesus... how scary? Exactly this scary...
Now, I think we can find a better picture of Jesus than that, can't we? To answer this question, I called on the infinite power of GoogleFight. Yep, definitely better pictures out there (Results). Anyway, this email was wonderfully misleading and I think it came from a Michael Moore of the Christian Right. Here's the synopsis:
-Subject: FW: Surprise to NBC
-American flag background with "GO USA"
-Big Scarrrrry picture of Jesus
-Statement of NBC poll results that suggests 86% of American's believe in In God We Trust in the Pledge of Allegiance... 14% against
-Later it says 86% of American's believe in GOD, but doesn't reference a source... is this a convolution of the original poll or a coincidence that needs a source?
-"Why is the world catering to this 14%?AMEN!"
I did actually laugh aloud when I read this. It's just so misleading and so wrong in so many ways... when looking for the actual poll, the first google hit is a site that addresses this specific email; it's caused enough misinformation to be garner space on an urban legends page. Too funny, just another example of the ignorant sect of the Christian Right. I will be happy to foward the email to anybody who'd like it.
It comes at a time when I've been thinking a lot about related issues... rather than spout off in my prolix style... I'll just give you guys a run down, and welcome your opinions.
-Public posting of 10 Commandments: Great for business owners/homeowners... not great for government property unless there is historical merit. In public elementary schools no, in public high schools, questionable except in classrooms where religion is taught. Sunday school is for Sundays... religion is not one of the 3Rs.
-In God We Trust on currency: No
-IGWT as our national motto: No. This was changed in '56 when IGWT was added to currency... the founding fathers used E Pluribus Unum... and that is much better.
EDIT: WRONG! The motto is '56, IGWT first appeared on coinage in 1864. details here
-God removed from pledge of allegiance: No, but do we have to say it every day? Also no. If we are going to say it every day, then yes remove it.
-Confederate flag at SC capitol: No, I agree with Obama here, "it belongs in a museum."
Any thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?


Blogger Cassy said...

What are you talking about with 'scary' pictures? Jesus always looks like a righteous hippie dude. "Pass the bong, Jesus," was probably frequently said back in the day. You know. Year 20 something. Because real time didn't exist before christ.

11:42 AM  

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