Monday, May 07, 2007

Survival of the thinest

Just a factoid tonight:

I saw on today that obese women may have a harder time getting pregnant (der), even if they are actually having sex (oh), and being fat gives you a whole other set of problems that may complicate pregnancy. There... I summed up in one sentence what they took 2 and half minutes to tell me.
Yes, I hate fat people. I don't believe I'm racist or sexist... at least I try hard not to be, and correct my behavior and thoughts when I notice discrepancy. However, I openly discriminate against the obese, especially the obese who claim it as a disability. If the government can pay for some fatty to be on disability, the government should just pay for the drugs to correct those hormone imbalances. Yeah, it can be a psychological too, I know. Obesity is a problem in 'Merica and I really don't understand what government thought making obesity a legal handicap would promote healthy eradication of the epidemic (I don't feel I've used that word errantly). I don't hate fat people I see at the gym. That 400 pound woman sweating her ass off on the treadmill? No, she's trying, that's cool, nothing but support here. It's the "I only own sweat pants" chick that you see at in the gas station that loads up on Cream-filled Cherry Delights by Mrs Freshley... or perhaps is sampling the palatable wares of Mrs. Freshley's cousin, Mr. I Make Products so Pumped with Preservatives They Hardly Require Packaging. These are the type people I think would make great human body shields... both due to their girth and the worth as a human. In case you're wondering, yes, I hate fat men as well, but I'm only talking about women because even skinny guys have a hard time getting pregnant.

Anyway back to cnn. This is fantastic news for me. First off, the chubbies aren't spawning effectively. Nature has decided to agree with me, that fat people are inferior individuals. Other good news, I can now coax drunk friends into super-sizing their evening because, "listen man, we all look the same in the dark, and dude, she's fat so she can't get pregnant." This could become a new fad for horny highschoolers, they'll call it "not making more bacon."


Blogger haricots verts said...

i am jealous. i have been the skinny kid my whole life. i have tried eating zero bars, butter and lard but cannot gain massive amounts of weight. someday i will reearn my taxs with my girth!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Cassy said...

Ever notice how you never see fat women in commercials, but fat guys are "okay." I'm not trying to get feminazi or anything here, but it's much more socially acceptable to be fat as a man than it is as a woman, reproductive factors aside. I'm not pro-fat or anything, far from it, but I've been chubbier and I felt like I'd lost all my mojo.

It's no fun to be fat, so why do people do it? Laziness, depression, boredom, fast food culture, more lethargic occupations, bigger cars to fill, and so on. We are probably the fattest and dumbest nation if we work from averages. Sad sad.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous modsax said...

You know, it is amazing the level of ignorance that exsists. It is amazing that someone can say that thy are not racists or sexist, but because some is overweight, they drop the hammer on them. Either you believe that it is the content of someone character that defines them or you don't. If you can really judge soeone by their weight I must then question how else you judge people. To make the asumption that because thy are fat they are lazy, stupid.. and so on is not a far jump from because they are jewish they are....

The word hate is a very strong word. Do you really hate fat people, without really knowing the person?

7:32 AM  
Blogger Brady Beckham said...

Yes, hate is a strong word... perhaps I have used it lightly here. Perhaps not. I often hate fat people that I don't know. Fat people that I do know, I hate just as often as everybody else; my initial judgement is far from final.

I do mentally discriminate against many fat people that I do not know. I do have fat friends that I respect, and I respect fat people that are trying to change. So yes, I drop the hammer initially, but a little bit of knowledge goes a long way towards the formation of a real opinion.

I definitly see the discrepancy... which is why I mentioned racism and sexism.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Erika said...

Just to throw in a spin:

Some women who are extreemly athletic also have problems getting pregant. If we are making a call based upon the nature of procreation, are they also inferior individuals?

8:11 PM  
Anonymous wotgvs said...

Ok, so if fat people are to be hated, & should not reproduce, what of those that get fat only after reproduction? Is there not something to be said of genetics. Now I'm not saying that a little works doesn't go a long way, what I am saying is that before having my 1st child I loved my body, I was fit & in great shape, but since then... well not as sit, & I still have a shape, it's just not the shape it once was, nor the shape I want. I work, I work HARD to try to get back to the fit shape I once was, however, I seem to be working in vain. However I do not only work hard to become slender & fit again, I work to be healthier. I have 4 children now & I want to be around to enjoy them. Yeah, I can keep up with them... but I can't help but think it would be a little easier if I could drop the extra pounds.
As for being fat due to 'junk & fast' food.. not always. I do not eat alot of junk, I will not, it is not healthy, I want my kids to be healthy & I will teach them by showing them what is healthy, they know mom is 'fat' but they also know that mom works hard to be healthy. Anyway, just a point of view from a 'fatty'

10:07 AM  
Blogger Brady said...

First off, thanks for stopping in and for responding.

I also never said anybody should agree with me. I welcome dissention, it's often the first step to progress. I think we can agree that obesity and lethargy combined are creating major problems for America... I hold the individual accountable.

Like I said, I have full respect for those that are trying to be healthy... I fully support you. I'm also not saying everyone has to have 4% body fat. I hate fat people that are doing nothing to try and be healthy, that is all. I also hate people who smoke 4 packs a day, for similar reasons.... if you know your actions are detrimental to yourself, why would you continue? You clearly don't fit this rubic. Since you do all these things you mention, you are probably healthier than the average, naturally skinny american (the ones who don't excercise and eat poorly). More power to you. I say good luck and I hope you can find a natural, moderate, and safe method that gets you to where you want to be. If that's not possible, I hope you figure out how to be as healthy as possible and retain a solid self image.

Above all, I think it's fantastic that your kids know you work hard to be healthy.

3:27 PM  
Blogger "The Captain" said...

At least nobody can say you don't speak your mind

10:43 AM  
Blogger Spidey said...

I agree with you a lot. I am overweight, and have spent most of my life fighting obesity.

When I have been at normal weight, I have despised fat people. It is a state of mind. Depression, lethary, sedentary jobs, all contribute to being overweight. But once you are a professional fat person, it is like some kind of career. It takes a lot of work to stay fat, but for fat people it is like their nature. They eat all the time instead of doing other things.

I understand why fat people make you sick. I make myself sick sometimes when I am not sticking to my weight loss program. However, I think that for many obese people it is like a downward spiral that ends in death.

I really think that obesity needs to be treated like a disease, and kids need to be taught to exercise and not be overweight.

Keep in mind that culture of today encourages obesity. Most commercials on TV are for food. TV, movies, video games, and the computer/internet all encourage people to stay home and sit on their ass.

11:49 AM  

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