Saturday, June 30, 2007

Politics of rejection

The world hates our president. If you didn't know this yet, please don't vote, ever. The American people are disliking him more and more (One poll actually showed him at a 29% approval, here's all of them in the last 6 years). I think if the democrats were going to impeach him they would have done it by now. What if the Republicans called for the impeachment of our illustrious preznit?

Now stay with me for a second, I think this would be a pretty damn good move politically. The democrats have everything to lose, they have control of the congress, so they can rest assured Bush will accomplish nothing in the next two years, and the longer Bush is president the better chance they have of the next president being Democrat. The GOP on the other hand, is losing popularity by the day.

Here's a Mensa level political plan:
1. Republicans call for impeachment, surely Dems will acquiesce
2. Repubs are officially clear of their viral president.
-Conservative voters who have left, return... the main source of their dissatisfaction being eradicated
-Conservative voters that haven't yet left aren't leaving
3. Reps. know Cheney won't be able to do shit, not with his past, and our current congress, the GOP is in the clear.
4. Several pissed democratic voters will go find solace in the courage of the GOP
5. Repubs (and Dems also) herald the process as a victory for the people, a victory for personal rights, et al.
6. The process in turn renews the world's faith in the US, allows foreign relation healing to begin, and the political machine can spin the event as the proof that democracy works, the people still have the power (spread democracy to the world... isn't that something the GOP stands for?) and so on.

Damn. This would be too good, why hasn't it happened yet?

I've had this as a draft for two weeks, but Scott Adams blog about the best way to overthrow Iran got me thinking again. Then I read this also, not impeachment, but Congress may hold the White House in contempt... the democrats have set a deadline (also, I thought CBS was conservative, this article has a very leftist tone).


Blogger Erika said...

I was just talking about this very thing last night w/ a guy who works for the Obama campaign. Consider this the only impeachments have been Jackson, Nixon, and Clinton (I think). All have stemmed from the opposing party. I learned in this conversation that the public may be quick to suggest an impeachment by congress. They are slow, however, to support their specific congressman backing the impeachment vote because individually it looks bad. In that same light, impeachment called by the Repubs. may be globally politically useful, but could seriously damage the solidarity of future administrations. The U.S has always prided itself on being a nation where no one fears a coup d etat with each change of power. This idea extreem of course, but something to think about. Basically, there could be an element of instability added into the political framework. Bottom line though, Repubs would never do it.

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