Saturday, June 23, 2007


1. At what point do your cross the line between having pride in people of your color and contributing to racism?

Despite my sincerest efforts to ensure I am unbiased, I have always been concerned that I harbor racist feelings. Many times, it is this concern that also assures me I am not racist. I don't know what it's like for others, but if I'm afraid of something I know I won't do it. This motivation can work two ways: I haven't tried cocaine yet, because I'm afraid of it. I am not afraid of buying a motorcycle; my fear of wrecking the motorcycle tells me that I will drive safely (yeah, I know other people will run me over). I feel that I am as un-racist as I can be given my life experiences to date. Don't get me wrong, there are cultures that I don't like at all, and some of those cultures are overwhelmingly black, but I don't dislike those cultures because they are black. I hate on the gangster culture (many of whom are white) for many of the same reasons I don't like rednecks (rowdy, arrogant and ignorant, disrespectful of others, particularly disrespectful of women). Mom, and kids under 18 close your eyes, a sexual digression follows:

Most men, but particularly both of these groups like to brag about eating pussy, and put this platter on a pedestal. Firstly, a note too all other guys... do NOT show my pictures of your wife, your bitch, or your girl's axe wound. I don't find pleasure or know how to respond when some other dude boastfully shows me a picture of a vagina. I don't care if her pubes are groomed to spell my name... OK, curiosity would get the better of me in that case, but seriously, what do you say to that? "Damn dude... that's a good lookin' taco stand! I hate it when a bitch's va-ching looks like a big box of cow tongues... right? right?" and so on. Really, how am I supposed to respond when some guy show me a picture of vaginal lips spread wide enough for Moses to walk the Isrealites between them? I'm always at a loss for words. Does this only happen other guys or is it just me? Guys that like looking at the muff, toss me a bone here... what's the correct response; or ladies, what would you like to hear guys saying about your labia?

So I did have intentions of addressing the question posed, but it's late, and I'm tired. I'll come back to that one.


Blogger Cassy said...

Brady Brady Brady. There is just too much fire in me to leave this one alone. Hey, here's a task for you: think of all the derogatory slang words you can for vagina, and then think of all the derogatory slang words for penis. I don't think the list really matches at all. And when you're asking yourself if it's derogatory or not, just ask how it's used in speech. Ex. "shlong" vs. "axe wound." Which of these sounds more desirable.

I really don't need guys to talk about my labia, period. It's enough that my boobs and ass are already objectified to the point that sometimes that's all I feel like people see. You can leave my Vajayjay out of the running. As for positive slang for vagina, the only ones I can think of are "vajayjay," which appeared on Grey's Anatomy back when I was watching it, and pea pod, which my friends and I made up. There aren't a whole lot of friendly vagina terms out there.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Erika said...

Hay...Look at your connection between rednecks and what is often "overwhelmingly black". Very timely conversation indeed.

I see little connection to your digression. Maybe I missed something as I was looking to read racism. Really though, what the f---? I use the term only because it fits the walk of your Israelites.
Cassy - keep fanning your fire.

8:12 PM  

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