Sunday, June 17, 2007

You filthy animal

have believed for as long as I can remember that we are animals. I also remember being rebuked by a high school English teacher for expressing that (the same one later called me an "uncouth little barbarian"). Saying, "oh, no we are something different" is extremely arrogant in my opinion. Yes, humans are probably the dominant species on the planet (cockroaches possibly being incognizant of their superiority in survival). Yes, the good book says God created us in His image, let's take this fork in the road:
A, number 1: physical image - this has no implication on our actions or behaviors
B, number 2: spiritual image - so we have a non-physical extra part that separates us? but physically we are still animals, and can be understood as such for many purposes.
C, number 3: behavioral/moral image - we men were to exist in dominion over the beasts, well I guess we kind of messed that up with the Tree of Knowledge didn't we? if the image is not physical, we prove by sinning that we are imperfect... Do animals have souls? If yes, do animals sin? interesting question. Animals don't invent cures for cancer, but they also don't commit human rights atrocities.Some animals do masturbate, engage in homosexual activity, kill their babies, have multiple sex partners, and kill for reasons other than defense or sustenance. So let's hope animals don't have souls, cause otherwise Hell would be one great BBQ.
You can believe that we were created by in God's image, but that doesn't refute the fact that we have a whole lot in common with animals....Sharing 98% of our genetic code with the great apes doesn't help. Understanding that we are animals is necessary for understanding ourselves and the world around us.

We might be a god's favorite animal; it is possible that the tiny difference buys humans eternal real-estate; even given that, the fact is not refuted: Humans, according to proven facts and definitions are animals. This is true regardless of whether we came from them or not.
You are inexorably at least 99.9% filthy animal.


Blogger Cassy said...

What about consciousness? Also, I believe that physical appearance can influence socialization (prettier people are more readily accepted) as well as physical ability. However, I think animals should be respected just as much as humans are...or humans should have as little respect as animals typically receive. You decide, you uncouth little barbarian.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Sha-Non said...

You should read "Letters from the Earth," by Mark Twain.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Brady said...

Physical appearance/ability does influence many animal species, just as in some cultures the physical appearance that is more attractive is based on characteristics for survival.

How do you define conscience? I don't know exactly what the text book definition is... if it is something like being aware you exist... have we proved animals aren't aware? I'm really asking, because I think you'd know. I do know many great apes have the ability to recognize their own face in a mirror.

If we are different, we don't deserve equal rights. We deserve equal rights if we are equal.

Sh-anon, I'll check out Twainer.

4:08 AM  

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