Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The end of the world

In first news... Paris Hilton is went to jail, served 3 days, got out on excuse of a rash, was given house arrest, judge said "whoa, hold on" and... justice does exist, HE SENT HER BACK to jail. Fuck yeah, nameless judge dude. That's totally rad, I couldn't give 2 shits about Paris Hilton; I'm glad that somebody isn't putting up with her shit.

In other news (seemingly less important because it's second), did anybody else watch the GOP debate (video links on right)? Yes, I realize that's not the type of line that would prompt my 7 blog readers to continue... but if you didn't watch the 2 hour debate you missed 3 minutes of television that couldn't be more suprising if it was planned.

If you watched the debate, or of you know a bit about all the candidates (if you watched the first debate perhaps).... a la gauche posted a very leftist but pretty hilarious take on the 10 ring circus.

The end of the first section right around the 20th minute (which sucks because you can't just jump foward on CNN's player... it's like a cassette tape)

Wolf Blitzer: "If it came down to a pre-empitive US strike aginast Iran's nuclear facility, if necesary, would you authorize, as president, the use of tactical nuclear weapons?" (to me this sounded like a fluff question)
Hunter - "I would authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons if there was now other way to pre-empt those particular centrifuges.... I don't think it's going to take tactical nukes." (WTF?, did he just say he would?)
Guliani same question - " can't rule out anything, and you shouldn't take anything off the table..." (oh my golden elephant just turned into a calf)
Gilmore repeat- "all options are on the table" (well nobody knows you anyway)
Mitt Romney you too- "you don't take options of the table" (I thought you were mormon, not extremist... oh wait)

What the FUCK?!?! Listen, I don't want Iran to have nukes... I can understand that it could be the end of the world, but why does that mean we should make the end come sooner. I thought only Brownback wanted to get to heaven that quickly. Do what you want, but are you seriously going to use a thermo-nuclear warhead? When did a pre-emptive strike become the lst resort?!?! We just spent 20 minutes debating how fucked we are in Iraq, and distancing the party from GW... and now you guys want a pre-emptive nulcear strike? That is just plain insanity.

In case there's any doubt on the outcome of this idea, albinoblacksheep made a movie about 6 years ago just for a case such as this... it's called The End of the World. If you haven't see this yet you drive a mini-van or have not been laid in at least a month. Of the 10, Ron Paul was the only candidate who spoke out against this nuke idea. Interestingly enough, when I cast my votes on the poll tonight the results of the people showed this. I wonder how much of this is due to people not wanting to be microwaved?
Ron Paul is the one candidate on the Republican side who is markedly different from the rest. Remember that name? He ran on the Libertarian ticket a few years back.

I don't think the Democrats are perfect, but Jesus Mother of Freddie Krueger there are about 9 Republicans that I'm scared of.


Blogger Guppy said...

I don't hate Paris Hilton nor do I like her.

Her hedonistic ways are dumb but she never did anything so bad that I hate her.

I think Paris needs to go to jail to get roughen up a bit but I feel sorry for her. I really do.

Its obvious her parents never taught her discipline. Now she has to learn the hard way.

7:14 PM  

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