Saturday, April 21, 2007

Help put a stop to the injuries

I wish this was from the Onion. It's not, it's from my university:
Lawn mower accidents rise this time of year.
It's funny by itself, but even more ridiculous when you consider how many university students have kids to protect, or killer mowers to push. We all rent. We don't do that stuff.

university - an institution of learning of the highest level, having a college of liberal arts and a program of graduate studies together with several professional schools, as of theology, law, medicine, and engineering, and authorized to confer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Continental European universities usually have only graduate or professional schools.

Screw Europe's graduate or professional schools... we have a safety dude to learn us about the dangers of basic yard maintenance. 'Merica


Anonymous Shannon said...

"A projectile traveling at 150 to 250 miles per hour has great potential to tear the skin, and usually those injuries heal. However, an object could just as easily hit you in the face or directly in the eye, and that will put an eye out immediately."

That's great.

I feel as if this could/should somehow be the topic for my final research paper in English 1000.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Cassy said...

Wow. And I thought the schoolin' down here in Arkansas was backwards...

2:18 PM  

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