Monday, April 23, 2007

My general platform

For lack of a better word, I’ll call it my journal. It’s really just a collection of frantically scrawled thoughts. The flow is perforated, or perhaps it’s safer to say it doesn’t exist. A key difference between my journal and others is that I’ll let most people try and read my journal. Try is the operative word there; I’m the antithesis of a calligraphist. One excerpt is quite pertinent to my desire to step into public policy.

Ttitled, “As a politician, I would” is pretty standard small government progressive stuff:
-Promote education [respect for educators…raise the bar and the salary, leave children behind, integrate tracking, promote world-wide education, promote administrations that back their employees]
-Promote debt-free, smart spending [maintain tax levels, spend smarter and/or cut back, reallocate money saved by smarter spending to needed areas (education, social security, science)]
-Design macro policies, do not legislate micromanagement.
-Promote public fitness and health (including non-smoking public areas)

This is my platform, I feel like it’s more about investing for the future, as opposed to fighting today’s fires, which will fizzle out in … “the Ciiiiircle of Liiiife”. Sure politicians work a little on the future, but not enough in my opinion. In the words of Barney Fife… "nip it in the bud." Also, if you have decided the best course for the future, it’s much easier to decide what in the present should be done to integrate with that. We need to do less and get our country out of debt to empower future governments to do more. We need to promote public fitness today to decrease health care costs tomorrow; promote good education today to increase our competitiveness exponentially in tomorrow’s global market... something about an ounce of prevention? Notice I didn't mention foreign policy... we need to fix our own shit first, and the world sure won't mind a break from us.

And then we’ll take back the white house YAAAAAAAA!

Interesting:, reports news on what the people actually think, nationally and internationally (I sent them my resume)


Blogger Cassy said...

I love that you quote Barney Fife in the midst of your proposed utopia.

2:16 PM  

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