Sunday, April 29, 2007

Problems of Christianity, a sans fact rant

Maybe it's not Christianity getting in the way. Well it kind of is. When all the Southern Baptist churches start having rallies to pray for the election and they say, “God, we want the next president to be your president.” Shortly after they say, abortion is wrong, and God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. These are nothing more than hypocrites and shoddy democratic citizens. They preach with “humility” they desire nothing more than Gods will because he's benevolent and omnipotent, then they assume to know what his will is. I don't know what started this, but it's now moot unless the cause can be used to answer the question: How do we fix it? Christianity is not inherently a problem for the American government, but I think the type of Christianity the average American subscribes to is. This goes back Charlie's excellent insight on religion, “All religion is a balance between rules leading to increased survivability and rules leading to its own survivability.” I'm in no way qualified to make the following statements, but here one theory:As a result of the Enlightenment; science, rationality, and reason became popular in the upper-class. Then, as in most social activities, the middle class tried to imitate the upper-class in ever present fight to climb the ladder. The enlightenment did not bode well for Christianity so they changed the rules (maybe they changed them before then). “Since faith itself can't be explained, we'll take the stance of saying that Christianity really can provide all the answers.” Suddenly, people can keep worshipping God while embracing the Enlightenment. Sure, this still requires and underlying belief in and idea with no possibility of evidence for or against it, but now the people have their questions answered. At this point, the congregation will quietly return to their pews, some relieved, some stronger in faith, and other only still fearing eternal flames. Over time, Christianity has adapted it's doctrine to include everything from scientific from the big bang to the big crunch. However, because Christianity supposedly has all the answers its adherents are often given the opportunity to accept or reject scientific fact at will... just as they are enabled to perceive moral judgments as black and white even when they not explicitly explained in the Word (abortion, women’s suffrage, once saved always saved, homosexuality, masturbation, the varying types and necessity of baptism) .

Aside: I remember hearing, in reference to the big bang, “well of course, Genesis is a metaphor, and how else do you think God would create the universe? He’d just point and, bang there it is.” I like this explanation, God would just speak into existence a singularity that would blow up with order…it empowers God without contradicting scientific evidence, a great, irrefutable argument for scientific minded Christians.

A major difference that empowers religion: they promise progress now and something else afterwards; science can't compete with that.

End rant.


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