Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spam shower

Does anybody else ever check their junk mail folder? Like many others I keep other email addresses that are hungry for junk mail (, and use these for registering for free porn passwords and what not (or anything else that might cause a bunch of junk mail... like registering to post on other blog servers... jeez... the internet isn't just great for porn). My actual email address is fast, and its spam blocker is effective, so it's easy for me to open my spam folder and check for real messages before I delete them all (gmail is hands down the best email server I've ever dealt with).

Those of you who check your junk mail folder, or are active on public message boards, will know that there has been a throbbingly large number of viagra and cialis adds poking their heads into to our private [digital] spaces. These guys pop up everywhere... and they aren't going away anytime soon. There's also the constant cultivation of Miracle-Penis-Gro type products. All promising inches and one of the following:
-a satisfied wife-ish character,
-or a trick ho', who clearly picked the Washington Monument as her favorite Washington landmark.
They claim, "Your loaf will be like Jesus's, big enough to feed 5,000!" .... If you never check your junk mail folder, you get the idea.

Lately the winds have changed. I noticed the first last week, and since have noticed more and more spam for products that increase the amount and power of ejaculations. Now, I can see this being a reasonable product for people having troubles conceiving, especially if the male spent half his life underwater. However, it's not billed as such. It's billed as something you can brag about in the locker room... something that will make airbrushed breezies come running at you like cows to the slaughterhouse. I'm wondering if this is just a phase, or if we will see an explosion of these type emails.

Personally this isn't something I've ever thought to worry about it. So the question remains... is a larger volume of ejaculate something women desire and/or something that some men are self-conscious about?

I also wonder if these products could be considered doping in any traditional austrailian sports.

And no. Penis humor isn't dead (it is tired).


Blogger Gregory said...

Thanks for linking me. i'll be sure to give you a podcast shout out.

11:37 AM  
Blogger charlie said...

How's America. Are you dismayed at the uptight fucks who won't let you drink a beer while you shop for groceries? Are you worried about the lack of hammocks?

I know a girl who likes being jackedoffupon, and I can only guess that more is better.

Ableton is the bee's knees once you figure it out. Beats the pants off of audacity, and spoodges large amounts of ejaculate on its face and chest.

6:40 AM  

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