Sunday, August 05, 2007

I've got the urchins in me!

I kicked one of these guys yesterday. I was walking around on some coral reefs that were full of these urchins. Eventually probability got the best of me, I lost my balance on the irregular surface and my big toe went on mission to restore balance. Well, it did restore balance, after stopping at the same place as a whole bunch of little black spikes.

So I had 6 pieces of sea urchin in my big toe; I was lucky enough that they broke off underneath the skin so they are very hard to get to. I sat down on the coral and broke a spine off a big urchin and used it as a needle to remove the biggest piece that hadn't penetrated very far. I have 5 more nestled comfortably in the callus of my big toe. I dug in for one of them with a pair of cuticle scissors last night. Went far enough to draw blood and couldn't get to the spur. Any ideas?

I also read some astrological material on the Sagittarius man last night (sent to me via first class snail mail courtesy of Cassy). I figured if it came from Arkansas to Brazil it must be important. As usually happens with astrology, a few things in there hit me right on the nose, and a few things hit me right on somebody else's nose.

Let's assume for the moment astrology is nothing more than the art of bull shitting. Firstly I have several friends that would be great astrologers. More importantly, astrology is great for studying how a person reacts to various stimuli (this particular text subscribes frequently to the Scott Adams school of thought on public speaking or writing). It's a great introspective study if nothing else, it might be a bit to complex to really warrant any great clinical studies, but psychology will get there eventually.

Switching gears, assume for a second that there might be some truth to astrology. Just as most rumors, legends, myths, religions are born from a seed of truth. Consider the same possibility for astrology. Why couldn't there be noticeable effects from the environment present while in the womb or when new-born? Just thinking about seasons, and how the environment of the mother could change tiny characteristics as a very very important time in development... why not? Given my knowledge of the human body and the science of child-bearing, it's not an illogical hypothesis.

On a closing note... the urchins and reading all happened at a friend's beach house. His fam had a churrasco (choo-Hass-ku)...the Brazilian equivalent of a BBQ. All the cousins and aunts and uncles were there, and of course the kids were too. The kids found interest in me and came over to see what I was reading. This particular text contains many sections akin to the following:

"Sag's overall athleticism suggests a tireless roll in the hay. Any such suppositions would be right: With unparalleled stamina and staying power, this bucking bronco can kick it all night long, hardly ever needing to slow down or beg off."

Good thing the text was in English. Finally, Robert Goulet was a Sagittarius.


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