Thursday, August 09, 2007

GOP Debate from Iowa

Was held on Aug 5th.
I'm going to let some thoughts flow while I watch this.
Here's a link to the first section.
Brownback = douchebag
Romney, and Guliani - giving good answers
Huckabee is a straight shooter, but not rock star enough to be our president.
Second section
Ron Paul says good things, and receives applause. When the camera pans the audience, you notice the applause is not from the majority. It's unfortunate that he has no chance.
McCain has lost.
Tommy Thompson looks like a fish... my eyes are glazing, he should do us a favor and withdraw
Ron Paul still wants out of Iraq. Mitt Romney says "is he forgetting about 9/11..." WTF?!?! We already know Iraq was not involved with 9/11... us going into Iraq errantly was, but the truth is Iraq was not... what rock has Romney been hiding under?
Health Care: Some of the Republicans actually talk about a preventative culture for medicine. Why don't the Democrats talk about this at all? Maybe they have, but I don't remember it, and I've seen all the debates so far.
Republicans make a pretty good stance against socialized health care.
George Stephanopolous is the best moderator so far. He doesn't take much shit.
Guliani is a strong 2nd... but that's all he's going to be. Yeah Romney is going to stay in the front, barring Fred Thompson ascending to neo-con sainthood.
Yeah, truthfully, republicans don't like Ron Paul... they must be stupid. 9/11 messed their brains up.
McCain has lost.... also at 3:37 he refers to us as, "a shining city on a hill" a reference to a Regan speech during the 1984 elections. Post coming on that soon. Cuomo's response was fantastic, I was less than one year old.
This election is a classroom for future politicians. The book is called "what not to do" it has at least 15 chapters.
This is why Guliani is in 2nd place... he has good answers every now and then.
Mitt Romney's wife is good looking. Go Mormon!
McCain only has two answers. "Must win Iraq" & "Pork barrel, Pork barrel" He's sooo 2004.
Skip this section. I'll sum it up. Republicans think Cheney has too much power, but they're afraid to say it because still has 30% approval ratings... which means atleast 60% of their constituency still supports Bush. Yeah, skip that whole section.
Fair tax... interesting idea - just a 23% sales tax... that's it, no other taxes.
Romney doesn't like the flat tax because among other things, "buying a new house would be taxed, buying an old house would not. What would that do to the construction industry?" I'll tell you exactly what it would do, it would hurt it a lot, and help ween a lot of American's of their "need" to buy a cookie-cutter home in the suburbs.
Governor Thompson lost his mother-in law to breast cancer, his wife and daughter also have it. He vows to "end breast cancer by 2015 for all the women in America." A beautiful gesture, but completely and absolutely worthless. It's like demanding a cure for pancakes.
Brownback will work for Jame's Dobson after he loses the nomination.
Summary: Well done Stephanopolous... or however you spell it.
GOP Race- Pretty sure it's Guliani or Romney... of course Fred Thompson still could be a wild card, he's bordering on arrogant by staying out much longer.
I think Ron Paul is too smart to be out president. It's great for Americans, and unfortunate for him, that he sought a life of public service.

Sorry that was boring, but hey, it was faster and less painful than watching the actual debate, wasn't it?

BTW Tomorrow three Americans will show up to chill with me in Brazil... I'm stoked about sharing this experience with someone.
In other news: I just ordered 3 of my favorite childhood books that are now out of print... I'll read them when I get back, and I'm curios see what I think.


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