Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Letters to senators

When I say I'm going to do things on my blog, like write my representative (last post) or my grandmother, I mean it. I sent this letter to the office of Senator Claire McCaskill.

Senator McCaskill,
I'd like to express my support and move you openly support the impeachment of those in the administration who have committed actions that constitutionally allow for impeachment. Without using names it's plain and simple. The executive branch has repeatedly placed itself above the law. I'm sure you're well aware that recent polls show a near majority calling for impeachment of President Bush and over 50% calling for the impeachment of VP Cheney. Now consider the number of people who say "no" to impeachment just because of apathy and the answer is clear, the people are calling for it (trends suggest I soon won't need the pragmatic help of the apathetic).

The administration has committed actions that constitutionally demand impeachment.
Other pragmatic reasons: (that really don't matter in lieu of the first)
-Restore much international faith in the US
-Prevent the next president(s) from entering office with powers over stepping constitutional bounds
-Retain democracy and civil liberties in the United States of America

If the course of impeachment is not taken before the next election, precedent will have been set and left unchecked; this cannot stand.

Thank you for your time.
Once again... for those of you who are pissed at something, and have never written a letter to your representative, it's this easy... they might even write you back.
Find out who your representatives are with links to their page... based on your voting addy
Easily review the voting record of your representative (by addy or name) or any other representatives they have special coverage of the presidential candidates.


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