Wednesday, July 11, 2007

mmmmmm... sex

This post in summary:
-at least 66% of americans suck
-you can't make a broken theory work (abstinence education)
-rabbits have sex like people

Here's what got me started. Here's the actual survey.
Among others, interesting tidbits:
96% of US adults have had sex.
11% of never-married adults remained chaste
20% of adults have tried cocaine, or other street drugs (mj not included)

I always wanted to know in church how many people were actually devoting themselves to the religion, and how many just came for God knows what reason... Let's give Christians the long straws here, assume only Christians abstain until marriage... which might not be a long stretch from the truth. Given that 77% of Americans call themselves Christian...

At best... 66/77 Christians are either liars, hypocrites, bad christians, or born again virgins ( I bet this term comes as a surprise to some people who have never been deep in the Christian sphere... but yes... this is what you call yourself if you a converted or reformed christian who isn't a virgin, but will now abstain until marriage)... There's definitely some overlap in those terms, but I'm going to guess the majority are just bad Christians.

66/77 = 6/7 and if you don't remember your fraction to decimal equivalents... that's .85714285714285714 (or 86% of "christians" had pre-martial sex)... Which brings us to an interesting bit of mathematical trickery. Remember this number: 142857

The great thing about this number is when multiplied by an integer you have an 86% chance of the digits just kind of shifting around....What... yeah, I know that doesn't make much sense without a picture

142857 = 142857 x 1
285714 = 142857 x 2
428571 = 142857 x 3
571428 = 142857 x 4

See the pattern... all the numbers on the left are just the digits 142857, just in different orders, BUT, 142857 x 7 = 999999.... An implication of the fact that 1/7 = 0.142857 repeating. There are tricks to make the trick continue working for much larger multiples... but you can figure those out on your own... does this have application? Definitely not, but will it help you to remember the decimal equivalents of 7? Absolutely.

Back to sex... Bush is an idiot... so is anyone else who thinks abstinence programs are the best solution. In the words of Scott Adams:
Apparently the following message is not effective: “Everyone LOVES sex. I love, it. All the other teachers love it. Your older friends love it. We all do it whenever we can because it’s frickin’ GREAT. But you should ignore the burning in your loins.”

I don't know if this is still going on today... but I heard a lot of old people slamming on my generation, and generation Y as I was growing up.... I'm guessing nothing has changed (except for the legalization of abortion which cut way back on my generation's criminals).

Anyway, rabbits have been having sex like people for a long time now. Although it's not proven... the popular school of thought believe Columbus and his crewmen contracted syphilis from the indiginous people they encountered... Then syphilis spread pandemic style from western Europe to east china in a very short amount of time, considering the fact that it can only be sexually transmitted and given the amount of people that would jump on the weekly jet to Tahiti... you know that we've been doing the wild thing... and doing it a lot for at least 500 years.

I've been pretty busy lately.... college is kind of time consuming when you don't speak the language, and I've been playing a lot of chess, I bought a peruvian chess set at an art show last week that has the Incas vs the Spaniards... it's pretty cool. The Spainish have knights and the Incas have llamas.


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In other words, you miss sex. Ha ha ha. It's the greatest.

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