Sunday, July 15, 2007

What it is?

Jive turkey.
I'll apologize for the ADDness of the post ahead of time. I'm just not pissed, so I can't focus.

So for those of you who don't care... the 2007 Tour de France is underway.

So a little update on Brazil... I had been chilling out to prove to myself that I could. You see, my mother once confronted me in high school, asking me if I had a mental problem because I socialized so much. Well now I know for certain that I don't, it is possible for me to chill out. I chilled out for a few months here. Two weeks ago I made the observation that my learning curve was leveling... so back to the social it is.

I've been out and about, going to soccer games, been doing some undergraduate research, went to a big art exposition and bought some stuff... the coolest in my opinion is that I've incorporated a break in the middle of my evening runs, a break to play pickup games of chess with some old dudes that hang around this art market (I have not won yet, their experience is killer, but they do not walk all over me).

I am starting to miss some things. I haven't ridden a bike or played a piano since I left, and I miss those. I was really missing sports in general until the football and fresco ball (beach squash.. kind of) today. Running give me the burn, and chess gives me the strategery, but I need the combination.

Has anybody else picked up with the Presidential debates yet? I think the best thing is, there are candidates on both sides that I would really like to see as our president. Ron Paul is pretty amazing, I don't know if the public can handle it. They're just so overcome with fear of terrorism they can't think logically. Then again, I don't think they could think logically before Bush started using scare tactics to drum up support for decreasing our civil liberties and growing the government two sizes larger than my ego. A couple of weeks ago I watched a conspiracy theory movie on 9/11... it's really well done, and I couldn't go to sleep that night. I hope it's not right, and I feel powerless if it is. I've had to remove the thought of it from my mind to function normally.

Anyway, Ron Paul knows the constitution like the back of his hand (I read it again yesterday... not the amendments, but the boring stuff about powers allocated to congress and what not). He wants to abolish the IRS... and then central bank. Ron Paul wants to slash our federal budget like Jack the Ripper would a prostitute. If anarchists are going to vote, they should vote for Ron Paul (I say that in a good way, and yes, I realize the contradiction). After the first rounds of debates he got a lot more cash than he had previously. Good luck to him.

Here's my problem with Dr. Paul.... he's pro-life. With all his knowledge of the powers of congress I don't know how he can really want to repeal Roe vs Wade and take away the right of women to choose. Do the babies have rights? I don't know, but repealing Roe vs Wade will only grant rights to unwanted unborn babies while removing rights from women.

There are only three ways to end the Roe v Wade conflict.
1. Global, thermo-nuclear war
2. Create an infrastructure to support raising these unwanted babies (after we eradicate, poverty and become progressive enough to find ourselves with a surplus of resources)
3. Somehow vastly reduce the number of abortions that are happening... any new age alchemists are welcome to take their shot at that one.

Speaking of the end of the world. Global warming excites me. What if the Greenland ice shelf goes soon? It will be such an exciting time of change.

Wow, two super ADD posts in a row... sorry, I need to get angry about something, then I'll focus.


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