Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Say it with me... im-peach-ment. It's got to happen.
I've been researching this on an off for about two weeks. I've been hesitant to believe any pro-impeaching sites because most of them have sneering pictures of Cheney; Sneering pictures usually mean that person didn't like the guy from the beginning and therefore is biased, or they have to use sneering pictures to drum up support, if the argument was that good, sneering pictures wouldn't be necessary. Anyway, after reading plenty of reasons to impeach Bush and hearing the arguments against, I have come to the conclusion...Bush must be impeached. Why? He has committed actions that constitutionally demand impeachment.
Other pragmatic reasons: (that really don't matter in lieu of the first)
-Restore much international faith in the US
-Prevent the next president(s) from entering office with powers over stepping constitutional bounds
-Retain democracy and civil liberties in the United States of America
-Most likely protect us from terrorism.

This seems pretty black and white to me. Other Americans are jumping on board now also. Why has it taken us so long as a country to come around to this? Bush has been overstepping his bounds for at least 5 years. Plain and simple 9/11. This video perfectly sums up Bush's presidency and the people's support thereof.

Start loading this now: Video from PBS:
Kind of long, but worth it. Hold on until the end, because there's a lot of good stuff in the last 5 minutes. One of the two guests comes from a conservative think tank, and wrote the first article of impeachment against Clinton (he's calling for impeachment). The host actually does a good job of playing the devil's advocate. Found via this blog.

They don't say it exactly, but in the interviews above evidence abounds for the idea that 9/11 is what has changed everything. Meaning, it's why the president has been allowed to create unprecedented power. It's why congress hasn't impeached yet, and it's why the people elected him twice (I don't think I need to argue this anymore, but if you need more just remember the graph that I posted a few posts back).

Everybody knows about frogs and boiling water right? If you don't it's real simple. Well this is the similar. Sept. 11th was a slap in the face, and Bush has just been reminding us of how much our face stings to make us forget that he's drawing blood elsewhere.

OK people... here's the lesson. Don't forget 9/11 out of respect, but move on. It's time reassess the situation and realize that we are waist deep in quicksand and if the next election comes before we impeach, the rope to pull ourselves out of the quicksand will be gone forever.

Especially if you don't agree with me. Please watch that PBS video, in it's entirety. Bring all the skepticism you like, but listen to what they're saying. It's really a well done piece of journalism. It puts the current scene in good perspective, without Bush bashing.

OK I don't know about you, but I'm done with the blog because I'm going to send an email to my representative. If you don't know your representatives email addys... Here's a map of the US... click on where you live, I think you'll figure it out. If you have time to read my blog, you have time to write an email.


Blogger a oz said...


That is one of best pieces of information to pass along to others - call/write/e-mail your elected officials. That is the point. If we fail to have our voice heard - shame on us! I think President Bush said something to the effect of he was going to do something (Can't remember what) no matter who said no. We cannot allow those things to happen.

Ok, I am done. Thanks, AO

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