Thursday, September 27, 2007

MoveOn? Move on.

Yes, put a lot of money into an add that is maligning General Petraeus (commander of ground forces in Iraq... a good man who's had this unfortunate responsibility given to him).
Yes, there is a lot of validity to their statements.
No, those statements don't reflect on Petraeus. They reflect on his bosses and the political machine (one of those we have to live with... the other we don't).

Yes, Patraeus presented some very misleading material...the material that was approved by the White House. points this out... but where they go wrong is targeting Petraeus for doing what his boss asked of him. He does not lie... he is just forced to use odd metrics. I remember reading that the general's original report was rejected by the White House. They sent if back saying it needed to be "more positive." General Petraeus has not been given the liberty to prepare and provide his own report to us. The White House sucks. is just getting people riled up at the wrong person, aiding in the disillusionment experienced by so many these days.

So what does congress do... they pass a formal resolution saying that they don't like give me a break doesn't Congress have better things to do. I beginning to imagine Congressional sessions as one long meeting that is always talking about something unimportant and never gets down to real business... it's as if, in the real world, they would spend an hour discussing the logistics of the company bbq... and run out of time to talk about the fire in the plant... and how it could be stopped or prevented.

Group think sucks. I'm frequently fascinated by how much like jellyfish people become in groups of more than one.


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