Monday, October 22, 2007

Every now and then...

...I actually post about bikes.

Yesterday is the last day I eat a dairy product until my birthday. This is how you know I'm getting serious about something athletic. As the weather has turned to what most people would call "shitty," I have become increasingly excited about cyclocross.

Nationals is in Kansas City this year. The day after graduation, I'll be racing in the collegiate national championships. My parents will be there to see me race, which is cool. Mizzou is hosting a race in Columbia on Nov. 10th on campus... and Mike Weiss of Big Shark has been ind enough to allow us to piggy back on his race in STL on Nov 11th. Both events are open to the public as well as collegiate racers.

It's cold and raining, and I just put my ksyriums on my cross bike, and lookout... my rear cassette goes to 11. This is going to be sweet.


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