Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Power of Metal

Thesis: Nintendo music is the driving force in the resurgent popularity of power metal among males in the millennium generation.

While power metal was, is, and will always be awesome, poor costume and hair choices combined with the were major both cause and effect of the wane that inevitably accompanies any over saturated market.

Thankfully, the spirit of power metal was not yet dead in Japan during the rise of the 8 bit NES gaming system. Japanese programmers/composers found the style of power metal just right for electronic games that would grow more rapid and provide more, excessive stimulation until ADD afflicted 5% of the nation's school age children and university students believed Aderol a necessary part of any finals week.

Article 1: Megaman 2: The link will take you to a mega man 2 time trial with the music played by a modern rock band. Power metal influence? I think so. You only need about 90 seconds to hear a soothing ballad turn into dueling guitar solos with boss riffs.

Article 2: Dragonforce & Sonata Arctica (beware, much shredding): There's no way these guys could be popular given today's culture, yet they are. However, the genre evokes the same adrenaline rush experienced 15-20 years ago in the quest to destroy the Vile Red Falcon (with or w/o the Konami code).

There are many more articles in the the exhaustive brief... consider them abridged.
This style of music helped complete the experience that kept us glued to our TVs, forsaking as much as food, water, or excretion necessary before we saw end screens telling us to, "
Consider yourself a hero."


Blogger Rhino said...

Astute assessment. The music in the megaman games was a big part of what made its appeal. An nes game has to have a great soundtrack to have that lasting iconic status. The power of music.


5:35 PM  

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