Thursday, November 08, 2007


I have run across a couple of sites in the last few days that I really like. Indexed and Class War Panda (advisory: extreme left bias). What I like about them is that they use pictures instead of the thousands of words I rely on. Indexed is a bit more light hearted, and it reminds me of my favorite youtube video... but I like both of them.

I've also been visiting the Future of Humanity Institute blog (of the Oxford Philosophy department) for quite awhile, but just now have decided to add them to my links.

Last but not least, an acquaintance of mine has taken the plunge and has started a small business. He sells knock-off sunglasses for $9. If you need some cheap shades that look good, check him out.

There is a cyclocross race in Columbia this Saturday. Shannon Miller is putting it together and I think it's going to be pretty fun. Flier here.

While I'm advertising... Columbia Couriers is still up and running, and always looking for new business. Give us a try, pass the word on, or let me know if you have an idea that might work well for us.


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