Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Og eat goat

Yep, I ate a little baby goat today. Not the whole thing, just the shoulder. Cabrito is a regional delicacy, so I figured I should try it. The 4 goat items on the menu were leg, breast, shoulder, and kidney region (including the kidney). It tasted like dark meat turkey, with a little more oil... kind of like a cross between turkey and duck... not exactly what I expected out of goat, but good nonetheless.

My spanish is doing pretty well down here. I am now confidant I could go to any Spanish speaking country and survive. I'll keep working on it because I am nowhere near proficient, yet Italian seems like such a fun language I'll probably keep studying it occasionally.

Preparing for my 3rd night in a hotel I've remembered that TV sucks.

Anyway, I'm sluggish with goat meat, so I'm going to shut my eyes for a moment. Hopefully we'll go to the old part of the city tonight.


Blogger SPRINKLES said...

If you want some goat when you come back give me a call. but lamb is better.


7:55 PM  
Blogger Apayo said...

I've studied Italian once this summer. I wish I did it more often. Arividacci... I told you... ONCE. I need to get on it!!!

8:55 PM  

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