Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dumb and in the suburbs

In the interest of preserving anonymity, I was at a new house not to long ago. This house was owned by a couple. This couple owned a new car. This couple did not have, and are not pursuing college degrees, although both seem to have the necessary faculties. They have a little one.

Several young adults were hanging out, and the xx mentioned to the xy that he wanted to make a $20 purchase. The xy reminded him they didn't have any money.

Just let that soak in... new house... new car.... no money?

Why? Why? Why? Do people think they need all new things? This couple be less at least $20,000 dollars debt and building equity at a much faster rate if they would just overcome whatever demon drives them to this hyper-consumerism. Idiots.

What's even better is how this has become a partisan issue. How in the fuck did the Christian right ever convince people that spending outside their means is patriotic? Why is conservation so liberal? I'm baffled, and will continue to vote against leaders and legislature that will pick up the pieces of these idiots lives. This begs the question? Am I being liberal... or so conservative that I'm liberal?


Anonymous Shannon said...

The rapture will erase all debt, don'tcha know...

8:42 AM  
Blogger Maddie said...

nice...very interesting..

5:40 PM  

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