Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have fallen into an opportunity to buy a 1995 F-150. It'll be great for hauling bikes and gear. I can slap a camper shell on it and go play in the woods. However it has a V8... boo. I was thinking, to feel better about myself, I'd retrofit it to a flex fuel system. It's a process than can be fairly cheap ($500-$1000). Think again. There isn't an E-85 gas station within an hour of Joplin/Carthage.

Moral: If you're thinking about converting to flex fuel (and you should be) or other alternative fuel. Go here first, and make sure you can actually buy it.

I've been climbing pretty hard lately. Went with some cats I met at the climbing gym to Lake Lincoln in AR. We found a route nobody knew that looked fun and we all cilmbed it. Turns out it was a 5.10d (which is not incredible, but pretty solid). It's certainly the hardest thing I've climbed outside. I've been climbing too much and not getting enough cardio, so last night I hopped on the rollers for a movie, then went for a run.

They tell me today is Valentine's Day. I have plans to make breakfast burritos with a girl, and another guy. Then we're going climbing. Sounds like a good Valentine's Day to me.


Blogger benji said...

better than mine, i just sat all alone in KALDI'S studying for a genetics test, also a 5.10d sounds pretty damn good to me.

8:46 PM  

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