Thursday, April 03, 2008

Living a little bit

I don't think anybody in the Joplin area reads this, but if you are out there. Come to Blackthorn Pub (5th and Joplin) this Saturday at 9PM to catch some of By Hook or Crook (w/ guest ME). We're big time so there is a cover ($2 or $3).

My brother is also playing out and about (shows tonight, tomorrow and Saturday). He has been playing folk/indie for a few years and now, by way of roommate, he's found himself in Man the Helm.
My brother and I have both always been into music, both listening and playing. I think we got that gene maternally. Dad likes music, and appreciates musicianship, but I don't think he is moved as Drew, mom, and I are. Interestingly enough, Dad (portrait above, see any resemblance?)got a mandolin a couple of months ago and has apparently been picking it up frequently.

Although Drew and I are both into music, we attack it from completely different angles. I take after my dad who has a background in drafting, Drew takes after mom who was an art teacher, and has recently been picking up her own work (everything posted here).Anyway, Drew and I attack music I you would expect us to. I know my theory very well, I know why my chords work. Drew has a better ear than I, and has always felt music first, then understood it later, if ever. Understanding is not a prerequisite for Drew. If I get into a song too far, I always pick it apart to figure it out. Not to be misleading, the situation is not so bipolar. Drew usually understands the workings of his music, but when trying something new, he feels it. I certainly don't just think about all my music, anyone who's lived with me knows I improv twice as much as I play written music...Apayo saw a lot of that. I mostly just use lead/chord charts when playing written music. Recently I have picked up some sheet music to supplement my improving (Prelude and Fugue in C min, and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring).

Anyway... that's music.


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