Monday, August 04, 2008

I heart gerunds

The answer is... the sentence is complete and Bill Gates' logic has failed once more.
Assuming a 5 day work week yields 14k pieces daily.
"Assuming" in this case, is a gerund...

Suddenly, I find myself loving gerunds.

I move into MY house on Thursday. I'll have to start blogging at work until I get an internet connection. I need to buy a mower and a vacuum cleaner, stat.

Also I'm fat, but no longer in a cast... time to get back on the bike.


Blogger Cassy said...

Grammar nazi. And you're not close to fat.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Apayo said...

You are fat. So am I. Thanks for contributing to my fatness. If you didn't link, "gerunds" I would never have taken the time to look it up myself. I'm lazy and am jealous that you have your very own home. Well done.

Also If you couldn't tell... it's been awhile since I've checked up on your blog. Glad you're back at it:)

9:00 PM  

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