Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some time ago I signed up for Netflix. My sexy lady-friend was initally happy. Her acceptance of my decision declined with each movie I added to our queue. Apparently Tron, Highlander, and every Kung fu movie ever are not on the top of her "to watch" list. This week however, she's in England on business, and as with any fusion reaction (joining two smaller thing into something larger) ... a little break every now and then prevents explosion, and increases the reaction's yield. In anticipation of this, I rearranged the queue and put Balls of Fury at the top.

I have to say, after much anticipation, I'm not overly impressed. I'd like to say this is the first Christopher Walken movie I've ever seen and not loved, but alas, I've seen Batman Returns. It follows the plot of bloodsport (minus martial arts, plus ping pong), but it doesn't develop the characters like the Bloodsports did.... truly disappointing (and yes, I realize that the characters weren't well developed in bloodsport... but they were sufficiently developed for you to root on JCVD as the great anglo-ninja master). So, the girl-friend picked a good one to miss, but Zardoz (next on the queue) promises to make up for her clairvoyance.

That's all for now.