Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some apologetics from an unlikely source

A fairly liberal friend of mine decided to let me know how stupid she thought Mission trips were. She found fault with the lack of knowledge many missionaries have of the culture they are entering to proselytize. She also does not like the fact that the intent of a mission trip is to change centuries (if not millenia) of tradition, culture, and faith. Here is my counter argument.

Work is cool, paychecks rock my world. I'm mostly sedentary during the week (I've been climbing, but I don't count that because my heart rate is never up for more than a minute). On the weekends I have lost my mind. I ran an un-official half-marathon two weeks ago. Last weekend I biked to Fayetteville on Saturday, went to my little bro's "white trash" party. I biked back on Sunday.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The usual

I made a lot of peace with Christianity in my generation last night. I've always been annoyed by people who say they are christian, yet practice nothing. With my generation (I think we're now being called the millennium generation), many people agree with christianity but are simply waiting to begin practicing. There needs to be a term to easily identify those that believe the Bible is the true word of God, but don't practice it yet. Apparently my generation is more into risk taking/procrastinating and would prefer to be heathens while the debauchery still feels good. Much of my tension was born in the belief that these people thought they were actually going to heaven... that assumption was wrong for many, they're just waiting to do what they think is right, because doing wrong is too much fun right now.

I'll say I don't think it's a very noble position, but it makes me feel better to know that they realize they're bad christians.

Bill Richardson dropped out of the Presidential race, I shed a tear. Now I really don't know who I will vote for. The race certainly is interesting this time around.

The pipes in my house are frozen, I'm about to brush my teeth at McDonalds.