Thursday, October 25, 2007


...belongs to the conquer. This post started out with me thinking about how much history is affected by winner. I'd like to do some research and read some conflicting literature on something like slavery, women's rights (as I'm sure there were plenty of outspoken and prominent figures on both sides...but we don't hear much about them). Today the same issues are manifested in the gay rights movement. Anyway, this post is no longer about that. It's about Regan, and Cuomo, and government, and a tale of two cities.

I've always thought Regan was picture perfect president, worthy of a spot on Rushmore. Well maybe he is worthy, maybe he istn't. Just as those on Rushmore, Regan was not without opposition, and didn't do everything right. Mario Cuomo's 1984 Democratic Convention speech woke me up to this fact (found via farleft). Great speech. I should say though, I only agree with Cuomo's ideas if he planned to help the poor only by empowering them, not by giving free stuff away. I think I'm slinking toward libertarianism.


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