Wednesday, February 13, 2008


If you haven't checked out "indexed," do so. I liked this one quite a lot.

Article 7634.12.c in the cases for misanthropism. Short news article about a teacher who was docked 10 days pay for jokingly taping a student to a desk. Both the taper and tapee were laughing throughout the incident, yet the school board fails to see any humor. "It's just not funny for a child to be taped, whether it's in jest or it's a disciplinary measure," said school board chair Betty Burney." Well, thank you Betty, may you burn in hell for being a stupid moron.
-You may email the teacher, Kasey Goodin, here.
-To email Betty Burney -
The level of support we give our educators is shameful.

I was talking this morning with a co-worker who is around 50 years old. He was recounting some family history and lauding the fact that hatred and racism has decrease so much over the course of his lifetime. We all know it's still out there, but it's certainly much better than it was. I made the comment that the problem that faces my generation, isn't hate... but fear of hate. The good people of the milenium generation say everybody is equal, but we are petrified by the thought, that maybe we harbor racist thoughts/feelings. There are plenty of white kids that are just afraid to talk to blacks because they might say something wrong, they might find out they don't like them, they might find out they're racist, or at the least be labeled as racists for an honest mistake.

My generation doesn't want to say African-American, because chances are very good the person has never been to Africa, has no association with Africa... and well, they are just Americans. To call them "African-American" not only sounds phony, but it segregates them verbally. We don't want to say "colored" like our grandparents do. Black seems to be the safe bet, but what if it's not. The potential disgrace from being perceived as racist much outweighs everything else (use gaming theory and you'll see avoidance is the preferred policy)... and the white kids avoid the black kids. Perhaps for similar reasons (perhaps not), the black kids avoid the white kids. Cause and effect, the differences between black and white culture become more defined by the day.

As it just happens, I was looking for Betty Burney's email... and saw her picture. Even though I'd formed an opinion long before seing her picture, a sense of fear came upon me when I discovered she is black. I was afraid that I could be labeled as racist, but more afraid that I'd somehow known she was black and this had fueled my negative thoughts. How illogical is that?

My generation may not struggle with hatred, we will struggle with fear. We will be afraid to speak negatively about any woman, or black person, or minority. We must truly learn that it is perfectly natural to dislike a black person, or a woman, or an Eskimo (not Inuit), or any individual, but disliking the group is right out. We know this in our heads, but some part my generation won't allow us to implement this theory in practice.


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